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Outline XBD Series Single-stage Single-Suction Vertical (Horizontal) Fixed-type Fire-fighting Pump (Unit) is designed to meet fire-fighting needs in domestic industrial and mineral enterprises, engineering construction and high-rises. Through the sampled test by the State Quality Supervision & Testing Center for Fire-fighting Equipment, its quality and performance both comply with the requirements of National Standard GB6245-2006, and its performance takes the lead among domestic similar products. Characterstic 1.Professional CFD flow design software is adopted, enhancing the pump's efficiency; 2.The parts where water flows including pump casing ,pump cap and impeller are made of resin bonded sand aluminum mould, ensuring smooth and streamline flow channel and appearance and enhancing the pump's efficiency. 3.The direct connection between motor and pump simplifies intermediate driving structure and improves operating stability, making the pump unit run stably, safely and reliably; 4.The shaft mechanical seal is comparatively easier to get rusted; the rustiness of directly-connected shaft may easily cause the failure of mechanical seal. XBD Series single-stage single-suction pumps are provided stainless steel sleeve to avoid rusting, prolonging the pump's service life and reducing the running maintenance cost. 5.Since the pump and the motor are located on a same shaft, intermediate driving structure is simplified, reducing the infrastructure cost by 20% versus other ordinary pumps. Application fire-fighting system municipal engineering Specification Q:18-720m 3/h H :0.3-1.5Mpa T : 0 ℃~80℃ p :max 16bar Standard This series pump comply with the standards of ISO2858 and GB6245