Submersible Sewage Pump

Product overview

WQ series submersible sewage pump developed by Shanghai Liancheng has absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and has been comprehensively optimized in hydraulic model, mechanical structure, sealing, cooling, protection and control. It has good performance in discharging solidified materials and preventing fiber winding, high efficiency and energy saving, and strong possibility. Equipped with a specially developed special control cabinet, it not only realizes automatic control, but also ensures the safe and reliable operation of the motor; Various installation methods simplify the pumping station and save investment.

Performance range

1. Rotation speed: 2950r/min, 1450 r/min, 980 r/min, 740 r/min, 590r/min and 490 r/min.

2. Electrical voltage: 380V

3. Mouth diameter: 80 ~ 600 mm;

4. Flow range: 5 ~ 8000m3/h;

5. Head range: 5 ~ 65m.

Main application

Submersible sewage pump is mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage, sewage treatment and other industrial occasions. Discharge sewage, waste water, rainwater and urban domestic water with solid particles and various fibers.