vertical axial (mixed) flow pump

Product overview

Z(H)LB pump is a single-stage vertical semi-regulating axial (mixed) flow pump, and the liquid flows along the axial direction of the pump shaft.
The water pump has low Head and large flow rate, and is suitable for conveying clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The maximum temperature of conveying liquid is 50 C.

Performance range

1.Flow range: 800-200000 m³/h

2.Head range: 1-30.6 m

3.Power: 18.5-7000KW

4.Voltage: ≥355KW, voltage 6Kv 10Kv

5.Frequency: 50Hz

6.Medium temperature: ≤ 50℃

7.Medium PH value:5-11

8.Dielectric density: ≤ 1050Kg/m3

Main application

The pump is mainly used in large-scale water supply and drainage projects, urban river water transfer, flood control and drainage, large-scale farmland irrigation and other large-scale water conservancy projects, and can also be used in industrial thermal power stations to transport circulating water, urban water supply, dock water level Heading and so on, with a very wide range of applications.

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