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Outline SLNC series single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump with reference to foreign famous manufacturer horizontal centrifugal pump, conform to the requirements of the ISO2858, its performance parameters are from the original Is and SLW type centrifugal water pump performance parameters optimization, expand and become, its internal structure, the overall appearance IS integrated the original type IS water centrifugal pump and the advantages of existing and SLW horizontal pump, cantilever type pump design, make its performance parameters and the internal structure and overall appearance are tend to be more reasonable and reliable. Application SLNC single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump, for the transport of water and physical and chemical properties similar to water without solid particles in the liquid with. Working conditions Q:15~2000m3/h H:10-140m Tempreture:≤100℃ Standard This series pump comply with the standards of ISO2858