Special Design for Fire Sprinkler Pump - DIESEL ENGINE FIRE-FIGHTING EMERGENCY PUMP – Liancheng

Outline The equipment equipped with domestically-produced or imported high-quality diesel engine features satisfactory start-up performance, great overload ability, compact structure, convenient maintenance, easy use and high degree of automation, and is advanced and reliable fire-fighting equipment. Characterstic By X6135, 12 V135 equipment, 4102, 6102, the series diesel engine as a driving force, the diesel engine (can match the clutch) through the high elastic coupling and fire pump combination connection into fire pump, unit of the cooling water tank, including diesel box, fan, control panel (automatic with such parts as unit). As for automatic control unit, the fission type automatic control cabinet diesel engine (programmable) to realize the automatic system to the first degrees years a, investment, switch (electric pump group switch to diesel engine pump group or the group diesel engine pump group switch to another group of diesel engine pump group), automatic protection (diesel engine speeding, hydraulic low, hydrology high, three times failed to start, a battery voltage, low oil low downtime protection functions, such as the alarm), and can also and user fire services center or automatic fire alarm device interface, to realize the remote control. Application dock & storehouse & airport & shipping petroleum & chemical & power station liquid gas & textile Specification Q:10-200L/S H :0.3-2.5Mpa T :normal temperature clear water Model XBC-IS、XBC-SLD、XBC-SLOW Standard This series pump comply with the standards of GB6245 and NEPA20