high efficiency double suction centrifugal pump

Outline SLOWN series of high efficiency double suction pump is the latest self-developed by the open double suction centrifugal pump. Positioning in high-quality technical standards, the use of a new hydraulic design model, its efficiency is usually higher than the national efficiency of 2 to 8 percentage points or more, and has good cavitation performance, better coverage of the spectrum, can effectively replace the original S Type and O type pump. Pump body, pump cover, impeller and other materials for the HT250 conventional configuration, but also optional ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel series of materials, specifically with technical support to communicate. CONDITIONS OF USE: Speed: 590, 740, 980, 1480 and 2960r/min Voltage: 380V, 6kV or 10kV Import caliber: 125~1200mm Flow range: 110~15600m/h Head range: 12~160m (There are beyond the flow or head range can be a special design, specific communication with the headquarters) Temperature range: the maximum liquid temperature of 80℃(~120℃), the ambient temperature is generally 40℃ Allow the delivery of media: water, such as media for other liquids, please contact our technical support.