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OUTLINE: Model IS series single-stage single suction canti1ever centrifugal pump is the company strictly in accordance with 1802858 international standards and the latest nationa1 standard GB/T 5767 the successful design of a new generation of energy efficient products, its performance parameters is by original is type centrifugal water pump performance parameters is by original and expansion, the internal node structure and the overall appearance is the design of the advantages of integration is type centrifugal water pump and the existing horizontal pump, cantilever pump, the regardless of performance parameters and internal structure and the overall appearance are tends to be more reasonable and reliable. The series contains interactional standard IS02858 all types of products, and to increase the inlet diameter more than 250 (contains 250 caliber) types of products, by cutting impeller and to adjust the rotation speed can be obtained 170 kinds of products to meet the water needs of all walks of life. This series of pumps can be used to transport water or similar physical and chemical properties of water and liquid containing solid particles with. This series of pumps can be according to the actual needs of the derived design and manufacture of ISR type hot water pump and is type oil pump; pump model is applicable in the medium temperature is 80t below, ISR type pump application in medium temperature of 100"C below, ISY type pump is used for transportation of gasoline, diesel oi1 and light oil. The series pump flow range is 3.4 –1440m' /h, range of head to 3.7 -133m. Can be divided by the speed of normal speed (speed 2900rpm)and decreasing speed type (1450rpm),according to the impel1er cutting pattern can be divided into type O, type A and type B,and O type impeller prototype. Type A is the one time cutting impeller, B for the second cutting impeller. CONDITION OF USE:
  1. The maximum working pressure of pump (maximum allowable inlet pressure+ pump design pressure) <1.6Mpa, ordering please specify the system working pressure;
Maximum allowable inlet pressure 0.4Mpa.
  1. Adaptation medium: clear water media should be no corrosive liquid, solid media, the volume is not more than 0.1% of the unit volume, particle size, 0.2mm, such as the medium for the small particles with the please note;
  2. The ambient temperature is not more than 40℃, the relative humidity is not more than 95%;
  3. From the motor side, the rotation direction of the pump clockwise rotation.
  4. The conventional speed of the unit is 2900rpm and 1450rpm, when the use of other sped to communicate, description.