OEM Supply Chemical Pumping Machine - long shaft under-liquid pump – Liancheng


LY series long-shaft submerged pump is single-stage single-suction vertical pump. Absorbed advanced overseas technology, according to market demands, the new type energy conservation and environmental protection products were designed and developed independently. Pump shaft is supported by casing and sliding bearing. The submergence can be 7m, chart can cover the whole range of pump with capacity up to 400m3/h, and head up to 100m. Characterstic Production of pump support parts, bearings and shaft are in accordance with standard components design principle, so these parts can be for many hydraulic designs, they are in better universality. Rigid shaft design ensures stable operation of pump, the first critical velocity is above the pump running speed, this ensures stable operation of pump at rigorous work condition. Radial split casing, flange with nominal diameter more than 80mm are in double volute design, this reduces radial force and pump vibration caused by hydraulic action. CW viewed from drive end. Application Seawage treatment Cement plant Power plant Petro-chemical industry Specification Q:2-400m 3/h H :5-100m T :-20 ℃~125℃ Submergence:up to 7m Standard This series pump comply with the standards of API610 and GB3215