OEM Supply 3 Inch Submersible Pumps - High Head Submersible Sewage Pump – Liancheng

Outline WQH series high head submersible sewage pump is a new product formed by expanding the development basis of the submersible sewage pump. A breakthrough applied on its water conservancy parts and structure has been made to the traditional ways of design for the regular submersible sewage pumps, which fills up the gap of the domestic high head submersible sewage pump, stays at the worldwide leading position and makes the design of water conservancy of the national pump industry enhanced to a brand-new level. PURPOSE: The deep-water type high head submersible sewage pump features a high head, deep submersion, wear resistance, a high reliability, non-blocking, automatic installation and control, workable with full head etc. advantages and the unique func-tions presented in the high head, the deep submersion, the greatly variable water level amplitude and the delivery of the medium containing the solid grains of some abrasiveness. CONDITION OF USE: 1. Maximum temperature of medium: +40 2. PH value: 5-9 3. Maximum diameter of solid grains which can pass through: 25-50mm 4. Maximum submersible depth: 100m With this series pump, the flow range is 50-1200m/h, the head range is 50-120m, the power is within 500KW, the rated voltage is 380V, 6KV or 10KV, depended upon the user, and the frequency is 50Hz.