OEM China Flexible Shaft Submersible Pump - submersible axial-flow and mixed-flow – Liancheng

Outline QZ series axial-flow pumps、 QH series mixed-flow pumps are modern productions successfully designed by the means of adopting foreign modern technology. The new pumps' capacity are 20% larger than the old ones. The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the old ones. Characterstics QZ 、QH series pump with adjustable impellers has the advantages of large capacity,broad head, high efficiency, wide application and so on. 1):pump station is small in scale, the construction is simple and the investment is greatly decreased, This can save 30%~ 40% for the building cost. 2): It is easy to install、 maintain and repair this kind of pump. 3): low noise、long life. The material of the series of QZ、 QH can be castiron ductile iron、copper or stainless steel. Application QZ series axial-flow pump 、QH series mixed-flow pumps application range:water supply in cities, diversion works, sewage drainage system, sewage disposal project. Working conditions The medium for pure-water should be no larger than 50℃.