Liancheng environment–Intelligent integrated magnetic coagulation water treatment equipment delivered for use


Since its establishment, Liancheng Environmental Company has strictly adhered to the sales philosophy of customer-oriented and mission-critical, and through long-term multi-party practice as the foundation, there are “Liancheng” busy figures in engineering sites all over the country. At the beginning of May, a testing agency in Hubei issued a test report on the water sample submitted by Hubei Lomon Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. The report showed that the suspended solids (SS) content in the tested water sample was 16 mg/L, and the total phosphorus (TP) content was 16 mg/L. is 0.02mg/L, and the moisture content of dewatered sludge is 73.82%. According to the test results, it is determined that the LCCHN-5000 integrated magnetic coagulation water treatment equipment produced and supplied by our company for Hubei Lomon Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. is qualified in design and operation, far exceeding the indicators required by customers. The appearance quality of the equipment is quite satisfactory, and it also marks that Liancheng magnetic coagulation treatment process integrated equipment has the first model project in Hubei area.

Raw water and treated customer indicators and actual results comparison

At the beginning of September 2021, after receiving the relevant technical requirements provided by the customer, Manager Qian Congbiao of the Second Department of Liancheng Environmental Sewage first made a plan for the integrated treatment equipment of flocculation + sedimentation + filtration process, but due to the special working conditions on site, The size of the originally designed equipment could not meet the civil construction conditions. After communicating with the customer, Manager Tang Lihui of the Wastewater Department Department decided a technical plan for the treatment of wastewater by magnetic coagulation. Due to the lack of time, the technical staff of the headquarters could not be present for technical exchanges. Our office contacted the customer to confirm, and conducted remote technical exchanges through the network conference mode. After the detailed introduction of our company’s plan by Manager Tang, it was unanimously recognized by the customer and finally determined 5000 The ton/day phosphate rock wastewater treatment project adopts a set of integrated magnetic coagulation water treatment equipment, which is 14.5m long, 3.5m wide and 3.3m high.


The equipment is simple to install and easy to use. After arriving at the project site on March 13, the commissioning of water and electricity began on March 16. Two days later, the equipment has reached the fully automatic unattended operation state, and the operating parameters of the equipment can be adjusted and set remotely through the smart platform. There is a video monitoring transmission platform for the running status in the equipment room, and then it is sent from mobile phones, computers and other multi-media. After a day of automatic operation, the preliminary test of the effluent water quality of the equipment has reached the standard on the morning of the 19th, waiting for the final acceptance of the project.

Through the tracking and understanding of the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale process of the project, we can truly understand that Liancheng integrated magnetic coagulation water treatment has the characteristics of equipment integration, intelligence and intelligence integration, and equipment installation and debugging are not affected by weather such as temperature. , suitable for a wide range of environments, small civil engineering investment and short construction period, fast equipment installation and commissioning, small footprint and many other characteristics.


Process introduction

Magnetic coagulation flocculation (high-efficiency precipitation) precipitation technology is to simultaneously add magnetic powder with a specific gravity of 4.8-5.1 in the traditional coagulation and precipitation process, so that it is integrated with the flocculation of pollutants, so as to strengthen the effect of coagulation and flocculation, so that the generated The violet body is denser and stronger, so as to achieve the purpose of high-speed sedimentation. The settling velocity of the magnetic flocs can be as high as 40m/h or more. Magnetic powder is recycled through high shear machine and magnetic separator.

The residence time of the whole process is very short, so for most pollutants including TP, the probability of anti-dissolution process is very small. In addition, the magnetic powder and flocculant added in the system are harmful to bacteria, viruses, oil and various tiny particles. It has a good adsorption effect, so the removal effect of this type of pollutants is better than that of the traditional process, especially the phosphorus removal and SS removal effects are particularly significant. Magnetic coagulation flocculation (high-efficiency precipitation) technology uses external magnetic powder to enhance the flocculation effect and improve the precipitation efficiency. At the same time, due to its high-speed precipitation performance, it has many advantages such as high speed, high efficiency and small footprint compared with traditional processes.


1. The settlement speed is fast, which can reach a high settlement speed of 40m/h;

2. High surface load, up to 20m³/㎡h~40m³/㎡h;

3. The residence time is short, as low as 20 minutes from water inlet to water outlet (in some cases, the residence time can be shorter);

4. Effectively reduce the floor space, and the floor space of the sedimentation tank can be as low as 1/20 of the conventional process;

5. Efficient phosphorus removal, the optimal effluent TP can be as low as 0.05mg/L;

6. High water transparency, turbidity <1NTU;

7. The removal rate of SS is high, and the optimal effluent is less than 2mg/L;

8. Magnetic powder recycling, the recovery rate is more than 99, and the operating cost is low;

9. Effectively optimize the dosage of pharmaceuticals, reduce operating costs, and save 15% of the dosage in the best case;

10. The system is compact (it can also be made into a mobile processing device), which can realize automatic control and is easy to operate.

Magnetic coagulation sedimentation technology is a revolutionary new technology. In the past, magnetic coagulation sedimentation technology was rarely used in water treatment projects, because the problem of magnetic powder recovery has not been well solved. Now this technical problem has been successfully solved. The magnetic field strength of our magnetic separator is 5000GS, which is the strongest in China and has reached the international leading technology. The magnetic powder recovery rate can reach more than 99%. Therefore, the technical and economic advantages of the magnetic coagulation precipitation process are fully reflected. The magnetic coagulation process is more and more widely used at home and abroad for urban sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, river black and odorous water treatment, high phosphorus Wastewater treatment, papermaking wastewater treatment, oilfield wastewater, mine wastewater treatment and other fields.