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Outline It is a brand-new low-voltage distribution cabinet designed according to the requirements set forth by the chief higher authorities of the said ministry, the users of electric power and the design section and features high off capacity, good kinetic heat stability, flexible electric plan, convenient combination, strong series and practicality, new style structure and high protective grade and can be used as the renewal product of low-voltage completed switch equipment. Characterstic The body of model GGDAC low-voltage distribution cabinet uses the form of the common ones, i.e.the frame is formed with 8MF cold-bent profile steel and by way of lacal welding and assembly and both frame parts and specially completing ones are supplied by the appointed manufacturers of the profile steel in order to guarantee both precision and quality of the cabinet body. In the design of GGD cabinet, heat radiation in running is completely regarded and settled such as setting radiation slots of different quantities on both upper and lower ends of the cabinet. Application Power plant electric substation factory mine Specification Rate:50HZ protective grade:IP20-IP40 working voltage:380V Rated current:400-3150A Standard This series cabinet comply with the standards of IEC439 and GB7251