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Outline WQ (11) series miniature submersible sewage pump below 7.5KW latest made in this Co. is meticulously designed and developed by way of screening among the domestic same WQ series products, improving and overcoming the deficiencies and the impeller used therein is a single (double) runner impeller and, due to its unique structural design, can be used more reliably and safely. The products of the complete series are reasonable in the spectrum and easy to select the model and use an electric control cabinet special for submersible sewage pumps for safety protection and automatic control. CHARASTERISTIC: 1. Unique single-and double-runner impeller leaves stable running,a good flow-passing capacity and safety without block-up. 2. Both pump and motor are coaxial and directly driven. As an electromechanically integrated product, it is compact in structure, stable in performance and low in noise, more portable and applicable. 3. Two ways of the single end-face mechanical seal special for submersible pumps makes the shaft seal more reliable and the duration longer. 4. lnside of the motor there are oil and water probes etc. multiple protectors, offering the motor with a safer movement APPLICATION: Applicable for the municipal works, industrial buildings,hotels, hospitals, mines etc. trades to pump the sewage, wastewater, rainwater and cities' living water containing solid grains and various long fibers. CONDITION OF USE: 1. The medium temperature should not be over 40℃, the density 1200Kg/m3 and the PH value within 5-9. 2. During running, the pump must not be lower than the lowest liquid level, see "lowest liquid level”. 3. Rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50Hz. The motor can run successfully only under the condition the deviations of both rated voltage and frequency are not over ±5%. 4. The maximum diameter of the solid grain going through the pump has not to be larger than 50% of that of the pump outlet.