Fixed Competitive Price Bore Well Submersible Pump - axial split double suction pump – Liancheng

OUTLINE: SLDB-type pump is based on API610 "oil, heavy chemical and natural gas industry with centrifugal pump" standard design of the radial split, single, two or three ends support horizontal centrifugal pump, the central support, the pump body structure. The pump easy installation and maintenance, stable operation, high strength, long service life, to meet the more demanding working conditions. Both ends of the bearing is a rolling bearing or sliding bearing, lubrication is self-lubricating or forced lubrication. The temperature and vibration monitoring instruments can be set on the bearing body as required. Pump sealing system in accordance with API682 "centrifugal pump and rotary pump shaft seal system" design, can be configured in various forms of sealing and washing, cooling program, can also be designed according to customer requirements. The pump hydraulic design using advanced CFD flow field analysis technology, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, energy saving can reach the international advanced level. The pump is driven directly by the motor via a coupling. The coupling is a laminated version of the flexible version. The drive end bearing and seal can be repaired or replaced simply by removing the intermediate section. APPLICATION: The products are mainly used in the oil refining, crude oil transportation, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, natural gas industry, offshore drilling platform and other industrial processes, can transport clean or impurity medium, neutral or corrosive medium, high temperature or high pressure medium. The typical working conditions are: the quench oil circulating pump, quench water pump, plate oil pump, high temperature tower bottom pump, ammonia pump, liquid pump, feed pump, coal chemical black water pump, circulating pump, Offshore platforms in the cooling water circulation pump.