Discount Price 380v Submersible Pump - horizontal split fire-fighting pump – Liancheng

Outline SLO (W) Series Split Double-suction Pump is developed under the joint efforts of many scientific researchers of Liancheng and on the basis of introduced German advanced technologies. Through test, all performance indexes take the lead among foreign similar products. Characterstic This series pump is of an horizontal and split type, with both pump casing and cover split at the central line of the shaft, both water inlet and outlet and the pump casing cast integrally, a wearable ring set in between the handwheel and the pump casing, the impeller axially fixed upon an elastic baffle ring and the mechanical seal directly mounted on the shaft, without a muff, greatly lowering the work of repair. The shaft is made of stainless steel or the 40Cr, the packing sealing structure is set with a muff to prevent the shaft from worn-out, the bearings are an open ball bearing and a cylindrical roller bearing ,and axially fixed upon a baffle ring, there is no thread and nut on the shaft of single-stage double-suction pump so the moving direction of the pump can be changed at will without need to replace it and the impeller is made of copper. Application sprinkler system industry fire-fighting system Specification Q:18-1152m 3/h H :0.3-2MPa T :-20 ℃~80℃ p :max 25bar Standard This series pump comply with the standards of GB6245