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OUTLINE: KTL/KTW series single-stage single-suction vertical/horizontal air-conditioning circulating pump is a new product designed and manufactured by our company using the most excellent hydraulic model in strict accordance with the inter-national standard ISO 2858 and the latest national standard GB 19726-2007 "The Minimum Allowable Va1ues of Energy Efficiency and Evaluating Values of Energy Conservation of Centrifugal Pump for Fresh Water” APPLICATION: Used in non-corrosive cold and hot water delivery in air conditioning, heating, sanitary water, water treatment,cooling and freezing systems, liquid circu1ation and water supply, pressurization and irrigation fields. For the medium solid insoluble matter, the volume does not exceed 0.1 % by volume, and the particle size is <0.2 mm. CONDITION OF USE: Voltage: 380V Diameter: 80~50Omm Flow range: 50~ 1200m3/h Lift: 20~50m Medium temperature: -10℃ ~80℃ Ambient temperature: maximum +40 ℃; Altitude is less than 1000m; relative humidity does not exceed 95% 1. The net positive suction head is a measured value of the design point with 0.5m added as a safety margin for actual use. 2.The flanges of pump inlet and outlet are same, and the optional PNI6-GB/T 17241.6-2008 matching flange can be used 3.  Contact the company’s technical department if the relevant use conditions cannot meet the selection of the sample. PUMP UNIT ADVANTAGES: l. Direct connection of motor and complete concentric pump shaft guarantee low vibration and low noise. 2. The pump has the same inlet and out1et diameters, stable and reliable. 3. SKF bearings with integral shaft and special structure are used for reliable operation. 4. The unique installation structure greatly reduces the installation space of the pump saving 40%-60% of construction investment. 5. The perfect design guarantees that the pump is leak-free and a long-time operation, saving operating management cost by 50% -70%. 6. High-quality castings are used, with high dimensional accuracy and artistic appearance.