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Outline XBD-GDL Series Fire-fighting Pump is a vertical, multi-stage, single-suction and cylindrical centrifugal pump. This series product adopts modern excellent hydraulic model through design optimization by computer. This series product features compact, rational and streamline structure. Its reliability and efficiency indexes all have been dramatically improved. Characterstic 1.No blocking during operation. The use of copper alloy water guide bearing and stainless steel pump shaft avoids rusty gripping at each tiny clearance, which is very important to fire-fighting system; 2.No leakage. The adoption of high-quality mechanical seal ensures a clean working site; 3.Low-noise and steady operation. The low-noise bearing is designed to come with precise hydraulic parts. The water-filled shield outside each subsection not only lowers flow noise, but also ensures steady operation; 4.Easy installation and assembly. The pump's inlet and outlet diameters are same, and located on a straight line. Like valves, they may be directly mounted on the pipeline; 5.The use of shell-type coupler not only simplifies the connection between pump and motor, but also enhances transmission efficiency Application sprinkler system high building fire-fighting system Specification Q:3.6-180m 3/h H :0.3-2.5MPa T : 0 ℃~80℃ p :max 30bar Standard This series pump comply with the standards of GB6245-1998