Best-Selling Emergency Fire Water Pump - vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump – Liancheng

Outlined DL series pump is vertical, single suction,multi-stage,sectional and vertical centrifugal pump,of a compact structure, low noise, cover an area of an area small, characteristics, main used for urban water supply and the central heating system. Characterstics Model DL pump is vertically structured, its suction port is located on the inlet section (lower part of pump), spitting port on the output section(upper part of pump), both are horizontally positioned. The number of stages can be increased or decre ased per the required head at use.There are four included angles of 0° ,90° ,180° and 270° available for selecting per different installations and uses in order to adjust the mounting position of the spitting port (the one when ex-works is 180°if no special note is given). Application water supply for high building water supply for city town heat supply & warm circulation Specification Q:6-300m3 /h H :24-280m T :-20 ℃~120℃ p :max 30bar Standard This series pump comply with the standards of JB/TQ809-89 and GB5659-85