2019 High quality Api610 Standard Chemical Pump - chemical process pump – Liancheng

Outline This series of pumps are horizontal, singe stage, back pull-out design. SLZA is OH1 type of API610 pumps, SLZAE and SLZAF are OH2 types of API610 pumps. Characterstic Casing: Sizes over 80mm, casings are double volute type to balance radial thrust to improve noise and extend lifespan of the bearing; SLZA pumps are supported by foot, SLZAE and SLZAF are central support type. Flanges : Suction flange is horizontal, discharge flange is vertical, flange can bear more pipe load. According to client's requirements, flange standard can be GB, HG, DIN, ANSI, suction flange and discharge flange have the same pressure class. Shaft seal : Shaft seal can be packing seal and mechanical seal. Seal of pump and auxiliary flush plan will be in accordance with API682 to ensure safe and reliable seal in different work condition. Pump rotation direction : CW viewed from drive end. Application Refinery plant,petro-chemical industry, Chemical industry Power plant Sea water transportation Specification Q:2-2600m 3/h H :3-300m T :max 450℃ p :max 10Mpa Standard This series pump comply with the standards of API610 and GB/T3215